Gripper Gripper Gripper


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Soft, round bitebar. This makes the dog open the mouth well.

By grabbing the young dog sleeve "Gripper" in the middle you can bring the dog into a "pulling position", which lets him win and get stronger. After this the sleeve can be easily carried around by the dog as a prey. Easy to keep in balance because it concerns a compact bite piece.

The upper side is finished with plastic, the young dog learns in an easy way to bite the right place. For left and right handed helpers. Ideal to let the dog bite right as well. Lots of dogs don't have any experience with this, and also have problems with it.

Can also be used as young dog sleeve as preparation to the "adult" IPO sleeve.

The jute being used is the same one used for the covers that are used with the competition sleeve. Jute is also very good for the teeth, they don't wear so easy. French linen has the feature to be a lot more durable and slippery. Therefore the dog needs to put more pressure not to slide out of grip.

Is also easy to use for service K9's because it is a rather compact piece, and easy to take with you.

Available in jute

Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen