IPO Jump Mill

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IPO Jump Mill

This jump is used in the IPO Programme. As of 01/01/2019, a transition period of 3 years goes into effect, after which all official competitions must use this model.

The jump is 1m high, though the height can be increased up to 1m20 with an extension piece (optional). The height is not further adjustable. The panels are made of 1cm-thick PVC, reinforced by a stainless steel frame.

The larger panel slides into the frame, and does not rotate. The smaller panel rotates around its axis, and will pop out of the frame once enough force is applied. This prevents the dog from getting stuck or hurting itself. 

Of course, the dog is not supposed to touch the jump. The (optional) elastic band can teach it to jump high enough.

PVC panels: These are always white, and are lighter (~30kg with frame) than the Trespa panels. If you mean to often take it with you to other locations, this is the easier option.

The jump is always delivered on a pallet.

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Drift & produktion: Wikinggruppen